Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ask Me Anything

On November 12, 2014, my novel, THEY CALL ME CRAZY, will be released. To celebrate, I am having an online launch party and have four authors that have agreed to participate in an Ask Me Anything session. Yes, you can ask them anything and you could win an autographed copy of their book! This should be fun.

All times central standard time!

9am-Timothy Woodward, Author of IF I TOLD YOU SO

"Tender and achingly funny, IF I TOLD YOU SO will resonate with anyone who is—or has ever been—a teenager, when the only thing you can count on is how little you really know, and the next glance, or touch, or breathless night can be the one that changes everything."

Check out Tim's website to learn more about him and his work.

10 AM-Erica Lucke Dean, AUTHOR of TO KATIE WITH LOVE

Banker Katie James dives headfirst into a relationship with her totally hot client, Cooper Maxwell, only to discover that Cooper is keeping secrets… dangerous ones. As if things couldn’t get worse, her meddling mother makes a surprise visit, digging up a whole new set of problems.
Read more about Erica on her website where you will find info on fluffy novels and steamy ones as well. 

11AM-Stephen Kozeniewski, Author of BRAINEATER JONES 
(Audio Copy!)
"Braineater Jones wakes up face down in a swimming pool with no memory of his former life, how he died, or why he’s now a zombie. With a smart-aleck severed head as a partner, Jones descends into the undead ghetto to solve his own murder."
Visit Stephen's author page at to learn more about him and his three novels.

Noon-Claire Ashby, Author of WHEN YOU MAKE IT HOME

"Quirky, sexy and heartwarming-a story of love, forgiveness and what it means to be a family." --Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of Thought I Knew You

Check out Claire's wonderful website to read more about this amazing book!

Get to know them and then come with questions ready!
Click HERE to join the party!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I Got a Contract! Um. Now What?

Guest Post from Mike Hancock

All those ridiculous hours of drafting and editing a novel have come to a close, and you’ve signed on the dotted line with a publisher. But don’t shelve that voracious tenacity just yet.

These days, maximizing sales falls mostly on the author’s shoulders, so for those that are keen on technology and salesmanship will have a distinct advantage. The following is what I did, but everyone’s strategy will differ.

When the Contract was Signed

Share the news through your social media outlets (what? You’re not on twitter or facebook? Yeah. Do that). A facebook trick: post your status update at about five to six-ish in the evening. The traffic starts to pick up then, and continues to escalate until nine or so. New likes and comments get the post “bumped”…so even more people will see it. I have a thousand friends, and close to 200 interacted with the post. Then, do the same with twitter. Post new updates regarding the novel every week or so, just to keep it fresh in people’s minds.

Get a website. I had a guy design mine, but it isn’t terribly complicated, and you can do it yourself. My splendid luck: was taken, and, much to my chagrin, it’s a gay porn site. Sigh. You’ll fare better with this. So, it was.

About a Month Out From the Release

Make a trailer: Here, you’re looking for an enticing synopsis of the book conveyed through a two to three minute video. Again, I had a guy do mine, but lots of authors do their own. Upload it to youtube, then share that link like crazy.

Have some business cards made with your contact info and website. Pass these out as you attend bookstores or literary events.

Guest write. On any blog or topic you/they like, but always include, at the end, your website and publication date.

What’s this? You’re published in numerous literary journals? Tell them the news about your novel! They may want you to write an article about writing, or interview you. And that goes out to all their present and future readers.

Release Date and Beyond

Compile a list of independent and chain bookstores in your state. In my case, I’m shooting to do one signing a month for the foreseeable future. Have that list? Cool. Organize it like this:

September: Dallas, TX, Barnes and Noble

October: New York City, TBA

November: Portsmouth, NH, River Run

December: South Padre Island, TX Paragraphs on Padre

January: Colorado Springs, CO, TBA

Now go there, or if it’s too far, have someone go there for you. Here’s the caveat: You or they must have a copy of your book with a business care in hand. Since I teach full-time, I tell them I can do any Saturday in November, for example. That’s enough flexibility for them to work with, usually.

Something else that’s most excellent: there’s Facebook groups and other outlets like that are book clubs that review a book a month, for example. One’s doing mine in late October.

Promote other authors: query literary journals and the like about an interview you do with another author. They get to promote their book, and you get to promote yours with a blurb at the end.

Okay, now your turn. What are some creative ideas for promotion? A gay porn shoot on with my novel in the background? Heyyyy…

Mike Hancock runs an English Dual-Credit program via Texas Southmost College. He lives and writes from South Padre Island, Texas. His novel, Fallen, was released by Black Rose Writing on July 24th, and explores the similarities between cultures spanning circumstance and time. Read more about Mike at

Monday, May 19, 2014

"The Dog Year" by Ann Wertz Garvin

Ann Garvin is a wonderful person, a great writer and a very funny lady. Her new novel, "The Dog Year", is being released on June 3, 2014. I was lucky enough to get a pre-release review from the ever-awesome Joelynn Drennan. So, check out Joelynn's review and then pre-order "The Dog Year."

The Dog Year by Ann Wertz Garvin 
In her second novel "The Dog Year" author Ann Wertz Garvin addresses the subjects of loss and recovery with light and humor. Set in small-town Wisconsin, the story revolves around the gradual unraveling of Lucy Peterman, an accomplished surgeon and emergent criminal, as she undergoes a personal crisis brought on by the tragic deaths of her husband and unborn child. Suspended from her position at the hospital for stealing medical supplies, Lucy is remanded to the company of a dysfunctional cast of characters among whom she finds acceptance, support, and an inimitable brand of serenity. 

As someone who seeks any opportunity for humor when addressed with the darker aspects of life, I welcomed the dichotomy of emotions Garvin so effortlessly weaved throughout "The Dog Year". The dialogue is funny and incredibly realistic. I found myself reaching for my own husband when Lucy tries to recapture the last words with hers, and I laughed out loud when she says, “If I know Richard, it was probably, “’Fuck!”’ 

The character relationships are well developed and multifaceted. From Lucy’s gay brother Charles, to Sara a troubled young addict, to the ever-lovable Little Dog, each supporting character helps to reveal certain aspects of Lucy’s personality—some of which come as a shock to Lucy herself. In less capable hands, Lucy and friends could have been typecast for a Lifetime Original movie, but Garvin’s talent for creating engaging and dimensional characters keeps them right on track with her sprinting narrative and twisting plot line. 

What I love about "The Dog Year" is its simplicity. There is no pretension in Garvin’s storytelling or in her writing style--it is clear, concise, poignant and always witty. "The Dog Year" will be officially released on June 3, 2014. It is definitely worth the read, I encourage you to pick up!

Joelyn Drennan holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a diehard Yankee living in Memphis, Tennessee where she teaches writing at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

The Dog Year is being released June 3, 2014 and you can preorder it at Amazon by clicking here: "The Dog Year"

Check out Ann Wertz Garvin's website for more information on "The Dog Year"

And follow Ann on Twitter at @AnnGarvin_ , because she is one funny lady! You'll be glad you did.